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I spent 14 years in Paris, France where I lived and graduated from college. After graduation, I stayed on to make films. As a filmmaker, it was relaxing to make collage because you can complete them a lot faster than a film!

I loved the way the French play with words in their speech and liked the idea of juxtaposing words with text in another language. As a foreigner, I was not married to the meaning of the words as a native speaker would be. I never went to art school and was self-taught as a filmmaker, winning awards at many international film festivals before returning to the USA. These collages, cut from newspapers and magazines, were done while living in Paris and consequently are all in French.

Les Origines
   L’Humanite c’est
   Les singes
   Les premiers pas vers

   Our ape ancestry
   First steps

La Mort
   Des rires
   De la Mort
   Aurait ete a l’origine de la supercherie

  Making fun
  Of death
  Source of this deception

Seule ce Soir
   Ce soir
   A deux vitesses
   Aux cloches du silence

On my own
   At two speeds
   In the silence of the bell

   Le depistage precoce
   Se faire pardonner
   Les meilleurs chocolats

   To be forgiven
   Early detection
   Best chocolates

   Le comportement rationnel

   Rational behavior

Le Pied

The foot

A l’ombre des Etoiles
   A l’ombre des Etoiles
   Un faisceau d’electrons
   Devenez perfo-verif

Autour d’un jardin
   L’art des Pharaons
   L’usage immodere du chloroforme
   Autour d’un jardin

Photography Series

I have several series of photographs for sale.  Please contact me.
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Paris Series
Photographs of Paris (1976-1986), including “wrapped” by Christo, images at night, in cafes and of the architecture.

Café Series
This is part of a series of photos taken in Paris in 1980 at La Rostand Café, which borders on the Luxembourg Gardens. At the time, every Parisian café was filled with smoke, which for an American in Paris was a surprise, since smoking was forbidden in eating establishments in America. Taken in by all this smoke, I set out to do both a film and a photo series on smokers. I wanted to examine smoking through the eyes of someone who has never smoked, yet who has an anthropological interest in this activity, and in the reasons why people smoke and why they quit.

Bath Series
Four black and white photos of a mysterious Frenchman.

Family Album
Individual images and an artist’s book comprised of digital and photographic images that relate to family known and unknown.