Academic Publications

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Portrait of a Grandfather in his Garden,” Bibliothéque Nationale, Paris 1994. 400pp.

La question des taux d’échange dans les systèmes, kula et gimwali des îles Trobriand,” Journal de la Société des Océanistes (No 76, June 1983). Click to view.

Voyages et Decouvertes,” Sciences et Loisirs (No 10, April 15-30, 1983).

Graduate Program in Ethnographic Film,” Society for Visual Anthropology (Vol 5, No 2, Fall,1989)

Report on a New Documentary Film Festival in France,” Commission on Visual Anthropology Review (CVA), 1990.

Cyberspace: Our Creative Lives Have Changed,” in AEJMC Graduate Newsletter (paper presented at the University of Maryland, 1995) and in Shmooz Magazine (Fall, 1996).

“Breaking the Waves: a Mighty Power” in Take One: Rochester, February 18, 1997 (Vol 1, Issue 9).

Don’t Tell Me There are No Good Teachers Out There” in Rochester Shorts Magazine, (Issue 41), July 1998, pp. 7-8.