As an in demand teacher for documentary and video seminars, my strengths come from my extensive knowledge of film genres, in particular documentary and experimental film, and film/television history, so that I can pull up references with ease to assist students make better films and have better understanding of the issues and techniques I am teaching.

One of my strengths as a teacher is that I am flexible and have many cross-disciplinary skills, which enable me to address wide audiences. My first-hand working knowledge of all phases of film/video production helps me identify with student problems and concerns.

The combination of my European and American experience in the field, gives me a unique perspective on critical, historical, and technical production. A great deal of my satisfaction in this job is helping students learn irrespective of their background or age.

In addition, I have taught a variety of stress management, relaxation techniques, Tai Chi, and QiGong seminars and presentations, with a unique blend of different approaches, specializing in teaching people from 8 to 93 years old.